R6 Cabins

Location: Washington State, USA
Size: 250 Square Feet
Status: Permitting
Project Team: Jon Gentry AIA, Aimée O’Carroll ARB, Ben Kruse

Project Narrative

In 2017 goCstudio was commissioned by Seattle startup Region 6 Ventures to develop a minimalist prefabricated cabin concept that could provide a comfortable, unique, and sustainable resting place for outdoor enthusiasts. Early in the design process it was determined that mobility was key to a successful design, so that the cabins could be easily deployed across the varied landscapes of Washington state.

In order to meet these design objectives goCstudio devised a unique exo-skeletal structure that allows the the cabins to be mounted to a flat-bed truck for transportation. Once on-site, the cabins begin to ‘blossom’ as sliding shutters reveal large glass windows and mechanical jacks winch the cabins off the truck and into place. The jacks also adjust to negotiate uneven terrain, providing adaptable stability and enabling the cabins to lightly touch the earth, with minimal invasive foundation work required. 

The dark, muted exterior tones of the cabin defer to the beauty of the natural landscape, contrasting with the bright, well-lit interior that offers a comfortable home base for R&R while on the trails. 

Currently in the permitting phase, the R6 Cabins will be launched in the summer of 2018.


Contractor: Charlie Adams, CA Adams, llc
Structural Engineer: KB Architectural