Location: Lopez Island, WA
Size: 3500 Square Feet
Completion Date: 2010

Project Narrative

Located on the southern coast of Lopez Island, this cabin tucks itself into the landscape between the edge of the tree line and the dramatic 50 foot drop to the sea. The site offers expansive views of the Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains beyond. The structure responds directly to the site and surrounding landscape, modulating the daylight, views, winds, and ultimately yielding to its beauty.

The roof form echoes the shape of the wind driven trees and has deep overlapping eaves that protect and shade. Kinetic window walls, roofs, shutters, and rolling steel beds allow one to be as exposed or protected from the landscape as desired. The exterior materials are rough, textured, and weather over time, while the interiors give way to a more refined warm palette of reclaimed woods, steel paneled walls, and carefully curated fabrics and thoughtfully detailed hardware. Reclaimed oak flooring is used to create a raised platform in the main living spaces while earthen floors and cast in place concrete are used in select areas. Reclaimed scaffolding planks are used to clad the ceilings throughout.

A detached bathhouse provides a daily ritual of leaving the main house to bathe in a space surrounded by nature. This structure acts like an exploded box allowing nature in on all sides. The doors pivot open or slide away and the roof hatch completely opens with the help of a counterweight, steel hinge points, and a kinetic steel drive shaft. Two large soaking tubs rest in the center of the space allowing bathers to relax and gaze out to the sea or up to the sky.


Architect of Record: Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen
Project Architect / Manager: Jon Gentry AIA
Contractor: Krekow Jennings Inc
Custom Metalwork: 12th Avenue Iron and Intent llc
Interior Design: Viekman
Photographer: Jason Schmidt and Kevin Scott
Videographer: Kevin Scott