A few times a year, goCstudio hosts an artist or event as part of the Pioneer Square first Thursday Artwalk. For more information on upcoming shows or if you are interested in exhibiting your work in our space, please contact us at info@goCstudio.com. 

Exhibiting Artists and Hosted Events

June 6, 2019 First Thursday Art Walk Opening Event 5-9p
“Toporama” by Irene Wood
goCstudio presents Toporama, a gallery show by Irene Wood. Irene is a painter and designer in Seattle WA. Influenced by diverse eco-climates, her mixed media abstracted landscape paintings depict dream-like ecological utopias that explore themes of interconnectivity, binary opposition, and counterbalance.
June 7th-30th by appointment, email info@goCstudio.com

November 2018
“Follow Me Through Four Levels” by Emily Tanner-McLean
goCstudio presents Follow Me Through Four Level, a floor-to-ceiling video installation by Emily Tanner-McLean featuring footage of the Cascade Wilderness and provocative audio. These merge to create a space for meditating on myth, motive, and the illusory “boxes” that prevent us from embracing reality.
November 2nd & 3rd by appointment, email info@goCstudio.com

June, 2017
Mini Mart City Park with SuttonBeresCuller
goCstudio working in collaboration with SuttonBeresCuller present the latest drawings, models, and videos of the project. Mini Mart City Park is a community focused project transforming a former gas station into an arts-oriented community center and pocket park, demonstrating the potential of art to propel a project that simultaneously repairs damaged land while providing shared cultural space.

November, 2015
"The Red Plain" by Tony Kim
An suspended string and plaster installation that visitors are invited to interact with.

June, 2015
"BOG" by Leah Gerrard
Leah is a Seattle based sculptor specializing in works of metal combining stones and found objects.

June, 2014
"Considerations of This Future. This Future. This Future" by Mark Von Rosenstiel
A goCstudio site-specific installation constructed of crisscrossing 4' fluorescent tubes.
Photography: Joe Iano

December, 2013
Irene Wood, History + Industry
Irene Wood is a painter and jewelry designer based in Brooklyn, New York.

November, 2013
Rural Studio Fundraiser
goCstudio hosted a celebration and fundraiser for Rural Studio in honor of the 20K House projects. 


October, 2013
Julia Haack
Julia is a Seattle based artist blending earth stewardship with frugality, using salvaged and repurposed wood extensively in her free-standing and wall-mounted artworks.

August, 2013
Found Rhythms” by Suzanne Stefan.
A new body of work exploring the spatial relationships found within music. Each piece is abstracted from the musical composition 'Zebra' by Baltimore based musicians, Beach House.

June, 2013
goCstudio open house
Launch party for goCstudio!