goCstudio Furniture

Steplight, 2010
Location: Seattle, WA
Designer: Jon Gentry
Fabricator: Photographer: Jonathan Junker

Constructed of sixteen interlocking aluminum rings water jet cut from one piece of aluminum, the steplight requires no fasteners. the clean lines of this fixture are a result of its fabrication and assembly. Each ring engages an inner frame with 4 notches and are twisted into position. These notches form random pixels of light on the surface and small reveals between each ring cast concentric shadows on adjacent surfaces. The detail of connection becomes the beauty of this fixture.


SAM TubeTable, 2014
Location: Seattle, WA, USA
Project Team: Jon Gentry AIA, Aimée O'Carroll ARB, Nick Durig, Colleen Sullivan

The TubeTable is a temporary installation for the Seattle Art Museum’s Party in the Park, in the Paccar Pavilion. Three arms of the table stretch out across the pavilion to create a table that fills the whole space, while encouraging people to interact and congregate. Each of the three arms connects at the center where three tables are connected by one tube. The largest Sonotubes anchor the table at each and as well as the center.

This installation is made up of varying sizes of concrete footing Sonotubes (6”, 12”, and 14” diameter) ranging in height from 4’-12’ and puncturing through (12) 4’x8’ 3” thick foam insulation boards. Each table is supported by three tubes that are shared with neighboring tables. This arrangement permits variation in the arrangement of the table allowing the arms to rotate and adapt to the space/use. All the materials were repurposed following the event. Insulation boards were used to insulate a friend’s basement walls and the Sonotubes were delivered to a construction site following the installation.